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The skills you will gain from completing the Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce certificate are used in many entry-level digital marketing and e-commerce roles. This reading provides an overview of the topics in the certificate program and matches them to sample job requirements.

Comparison of core skills in different roles

Similar skills are required for roles in digital marketing and e-commerce. However, these skills are often applied in different ways. The following table gives you an idea of how job responsibilities might differ slightly between entry-level roles in digital marketing and e-commerce.

Areas of focusDigital Marketing Coordinator responsibilitiesE-commerce Analyst responsibilities
Business objectivesIdentify campaign business objectivesEnsure customer interactions align with business objectives
Search engine optimization (SEO)Follow SEO best practicesUse SEO to maximize traffic to website
Social media marketingDraft social media copy and obtain approvalsEnsure social media ads increase traffic to website
Email marketingExecute and monitor email campaignsEnsure email ads generate desired results on website
Marketing analyticsAnalyze data from marketing campaignsAnalyze data from website or mobile app
Content design and copywritingAssign content development and track progressEdit content on website
Loyalty programsMonitor activities of returning customersExecute and monitor loyalty programs

Key takeaway

Many career counselors recommend that you customize your resume for each job you apply for so that your experience and skills align as closely as possible with the job description. By the end of this program, you’ll be able to customize your resume based on the skills you learn for either digital marketing or e-commerce roles.


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