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Off Page SEO Strategies Rank Your Website First Page

Off Page SEO Strategies Rank Your Website First Page

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Off Page SEO Strategies Rank Your Website First Page

We’re gonna talk about off page SEO next. 

There are a lot of off-page SEO signals that Google looks out for like Backlinks, Social signs, E-A-T, Branded searches, online reputation signals and lots more. So what exactly is off page so and why is it important? 

So off-page SEO includes a set of activities which are done apart from the on-site activities, to increase the rankings of a website. 

Some common examples include building backlinks, increasing social media engagement and encouraging branded searches. Off Page SEO still forms the foundation of Google Algorithm to rank the sites as backlinks are one of the most used ranking signals used by Google. However Google uses a lot of off-site signals apart from the backlinks to rank your site. One of them is reputation research, where Google looks at your site’s off page reputation by looking at reviews, recommendations, or mentions on authority sites. 

So what’s the difference between on page and off page SEO. On-Page SEO is everything you can directly alter on your website like keywords, meta tags, title, URLs and all. Off Page SEO are actions which you take away from your site, like links and mentions from other websites. 

Talking about Backlinks, when it comes to SEO, backlinks are super important. But it’s not about quantity of links, rather it’s about quality. Links are only beneficial if they come from an authoritative site and related sites. 

Here are four four ways to build authoritative links One, be a data source. People usually don’t link to a page unless it has something strong and interesting, and when you’re a reliable data source, people are more than happy to link to you. 

Two, broken content building. It is a version of broken link building. In broken link building we find broken links that point to a specific page. However, broken link finding can be tough in a niche, which is why we do broken content building. You can use Ahrefs content explorer as a search engine and you can search for a topic and filter by “only breaken” and Ahrefs will show you all the popular content which is now dead. You can find dozens of pages this way and build good backlinks by remodeling that dead content and earning a Backlink. 

Third, publish long form Content. It won’t magically get you backlinks but according to a study by buzzsumo, long form content gets 77% more links than short form content. 

Last is strategic guest posting. Guest posting in your niche can lead to putting out your content in front of a new audience. It’ll help you in your branded searches. It can also lead to unlinked brand mentions of your guest post on sites in your niche. 

Let’s talk about brand signals now. Google uses brand signals to figure out if you’re site is legit or not. Here’s how you can see brand signals for your brand. Audit your branded searches. You can easily find how many people search for your brand on google in Google search console performance report and looking at impressions. 

You should also invest in YouTube as it is one of the best ways to boost your site’s brand signals. This is due to two reasons, first is videos can get in front of a lot of people. It leads to more audience engagement. Also having real social accounts can be a brand signal in itself. Second is that people who see your videos on google will search for your brand on Google. 

You can set up brand tracking. This is an easy way to see how many people talk about your brand online and how that pattern changes over time. You can use tools like or Bozsum for this. 

Publish research backed contents which can directly help your Off-Page SEO by sending high-quality links your way. Social sharing can get you more exposure to an audience which can result in more branded searches and mentions. 

Improve your E-A-T. It has become one of the most important factors of off page SEO, especially in the health sector. The easiest way to improve your E-A-T score is to get brand mentions on authority sites. Google’s Gary Ilyas has said that both links and mentions can help determine your site’s E-A-T. 

Get links from trusted “seed sites”. Google still uses Page rank to establish E-A-T but they don’t just look at Domain authority. The links from a handful of seed sites are pretty great for your SERP rankings. So getting links from the NY Times is super helpful. But getting links from sites that have links from NY Times is helpful too, for your E-A-T. 

Always strive to get positive reviews online. Google’s quality rater guidelines puts a lot of emphasis on online reviews. Reviews are already pretty important for local SEO, it can also improve your E-A-T score. 

Now for some bonus off page SEO techniques. 

Press release distribution. Sending out a press release can directly lead to brand mentions and backlinks. We’ve written another section about press release, give it a go to read more techniques about press release SEO. 

You can also participate in Roundup posts which is a super easy way to get links and mentions compared to traditional guest posting. 

You can also partner with brands bigger than yourself. It is commonly thought that bigger brands don’t have time for small business owners like you and me, but it’s wrong. If you can provide legit value to big brands, they’re happy to send some traffic along your way. 

Create visuals that other blogs can use. Visual content is a super helpful way to get other blogs to link to your site.

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